I teach hatha yoga and meditation to groups and individuals.

Over the last ten years and more, my own practice has shown me again and again that yoga is an amazing toolbox for life.

By combining physical challenges with breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques and philosophical enquiry, it offers everyone the opportunity to uncover a stronger, more balanced body and a calmer, more open mind.

I believe that our natural condition is to be comfortable in our own skins; through yoga, I want to help my students rediscover this ‘happy body’ state.

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What people say
"Lucy is an excellent teacher. I was a beginner who had never experienced Yoga and approached it with a little trepidation, but Lucy was kind and patient and I really enjoyed the sessions. Thanks to Lucy, Yoga has been a revelation and I hope to continue in the future. I can't recommend her enough."
Dr W

"I found that the yoga enhanced my writing. I didn’t feel that it was taking time away from creativity, rather that it was preparing me so that the rest of my time was better used."
Dr S

"Thank you so much for the yoga, it made the week so calm and focused."


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